Sweet Expressions's Circus Circus

Sweet Expression's Circus Circus

Emma Teef 27 juli 2003 Germany 1332 views
FIN Ch. Drover's Special Edition16-01-1998SE-FIN Ch. Drover's Read My Lips30-12-1995Bahlambs Barnyard BaronINT-NOR-SE-FIN-NORD-AM Ch. Bahlambs Barnyard Baron20-12-1989AM Ch. Moptop's Lambluv Master Plan ROM15-01-1988
AM Ch. Bahlambs Barnyard Beauty ROM11-04-1987
Shaggybobs Balloo Satin06-06-1992HD B1, Eyes-clearRamtamtam aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalFIN-AUS Ch. Ramtamtam aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal08-08-1988
AUS Ch. Daycara with Elegance18-07-1990
SE-FIN Ch. Drover's Proper Princess03-11-1992INT-DK-SE-FIN Ch. Drover's Or Nothing27-12-1989Ramtamtam aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalFIN-AUS Ch. Ramtamtam aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal08-08-1988
DK-FIN Ch. Drover's Kiss Of Fire06-10-1984
FIN Ch. Drover's Milly Mistletoe23-09-1987DK-NORD Ch. Drover's King Himself06-10-1984
Proper Havis Amanda
Miss Moneypenny Can't Take It Easy12-10-1998HD TC, Eyes-clearSweet Expression’s After DarkINT-D-VDH-NL Ch. Sweet Expression's After Dark29-03-1996HD TC, Eyes-clearStonebrook California BreezeD-VDH-BE-LUX-NL Ch. Stonebrook California Breeze17-08-1991HD A, Eyes-clearAM Ch. Shantel's Headed For The Future09-01-1988
AM Ch. Pettibone's Stonebrooks Gem07-08-1985
Sweet Expression's True TreasureSweet Expression's True Treasure11-06-1992HD TC, Eyes-clearVigilat's Uppity YupVigilat's Uppity Yup03-03-1984
Cartoon's Crash At Cahoot27-12-1987
The First Born To Take It Easy06-05-1993HD TC, Eyes-clearVigilat's Uppity YupVigilat's Uppity Yup03-03-1984Reeuwijk's Dear Tom ToddReeuwijk's Dear Tom Tod18-04-1977
Reeuwijk's Fabulous LadyReeuwijk's Fabulous Lady26-01-1979
Cathy's Clown Misty Mystery15-05-1990HD TC, Eyes-clearCartoon's Captain M.T. Head27-12-1987
Missy (NHSB-1534549)17-03-1987

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  • Kennel Sweet Expression
  • FokkerMark & Roosmarie Wibier
  • Gezondheid uitslagen PCD +/+
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